Of all the International tragedies I have witnessed in my 55 years of existence, I think the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. affected me the most. Although I was only a teenager at the time, I was devastated. His “I Have A Dream” speech inspires me to this day.

I was watching “The Hour” on CBC with George Stroumboulopoulos in November of 2008 and one of his guests was the Mayor of Atlanta Georgia, Andrew Young (also a member of the Martin Luther King crew). George asked him his take on the presidential election results. Mr Young answered: “the people have spoken; they chose grace over greed, faith over fear and vision over violence”. I immediately wrote those words down. A week or so later, I decided to write a song featuring those words of inspiration. Entertaining and performing has been a part of my life since the age of three. I have written and recorded many songs in my life, but this is the one I am most proud of. I hope you like it.

In 1963 the masses came to see
A king on the steps of Washington DC
The young Baptist minister was full of hope
And the people were in awe, when the man spoke

He had a dream that day

He talked about a land of equality
But to some that seemed like insanity
So they took him down in Memphis Tennessee
So he could no longer talk to you and me

He had a dream that day

He had a dream that day
And that dream has come true
That anything is possible
For me and for you
The content of your character
And not the colour of your skin
Can decide where you’re going
And not where you’ve been

He had a dream that day

Then Andrew Young came on my television set
And he told me something I will never forget

That the people have spoken, and I shed a tear
He said that they have chosen faith over fear

In this troublesome time of a country in need
The people have chosen grace over greed

Vision over Violence, O what a coup
That day has come Martin; your dream has come true

Danny ‘B’ – November 2008

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